Mitch McConnell wants the world to believe that he loves being hated.


The wall of his Senate office is decorated with framed editorial cartoons mocking him for destroying democracy. He has a saying he often uses about how he’s “proud” of his enemies because he worked hard to get them. And when his critics came after him with nicknames like “Cocaine Mitch” and “the Grim Reaper,” McConnell and his team had t-shirts made, made twitter jokes and claimed to love the new monikers.


But there’s one name they don’t love -- #MoscowMitch.


For the first time in decades, we have managed to get under the calloused skin of the Kentucky monster, and it is critical that we make it stick.


If you’re like us, you delighted in watching Moscow Mitch’s outrage as his new nickname gained traction. He took to the floor of the U.S Senate to tell us how angry he was about it. His longtime sycophants fell all over themselves in fits of horror, calling for newspaper columnists who called out McConnell’s love affair with Russian oligarchs to be fired or sued.


But here’s the truth: McConnell has thwarted every effort to protect our elections from more Russian attacks. He was the person who ensured there would be no 9/11-style commission to investigate the 2016 attacks. He has echoed Donald Trump’s attacks on Robert Mueller’s shocking findings. And let us never forget that when President Obama wanted lawmakers to warn Americans about the attacks in a bipartisan fashion, it was McConnell who threatened the president and refused to go along.


And what did McConnell get in return? He got a president who is too clueless to pay attention to what McConnell and his allies are doing in the Senate. He got campaign contributions from Russian allies. And, after he voted to lift sanctions on one of the oligarchs who helped attack our country, McConnell’s home state of Kentucky suddenly saw a $200 million investment from Russian oligarchs into an embattled aluminum project that the state’s Republican governor is banking on for his re-election this year.


Now it’s time for McConnell to pay for his betrayals. And we need your help.


The good news is that this devastating new nickname has already followed McConnell to Kentucky. When McConnell appeared recently at Kentucky’s annual Fancy Farm picnic, the chants of “Moscow Mitch” nearly drowned him out.


We want to make sure that Moscow Mitch magic follows him wherever he goes. That’s why we purchased the domain name MoscowMitch.com. And it’s why we raised money to pay for mobile billboards to stalk McConnell at a recent fundraiser in California. A fundraiser he canceled after word he would be humiliated. We still showed up at the venue to humiliate him.


Wherever Mitch goes, we want to be there to add the Moscow.


And that’s where you come in.


While we’re overwhelmed by the support we’re seeing from our grassroots digital army, we still don’t have the resources we need to make sure this devastating tactic follows McConnell everywhere he goes.


Can you help us make that happen? MoscowMitch.com is a project of Party Majority. Please click here to make a contribution now.


We are grateful for your help and your tireless devotion to defending our democracy.


If Mitch is really ok with being hated, he’s going to love what we do to him.



Hold Moscow Mitch Accountable

We will be Moscow Mitch’s worst nightmare – whenever he skulks in the shadows to make deals that sell us out, we’ll be right there to shine a spotlight on it.


Pass Election Security Legislation

As long as Moscow Mitch blocks election security, foreign actors will be able to meddle in our elections with impunity.


Flip the Senate

As long as the Senate remains in the cold, heartless clutches of Moscow Mitch, progress on virtually any federal issue is impossible.

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